Frequently Asked Questions

December 30, 2015

Hours of Operation: 9am-5pm Mon-Fri.
We are frequently on-site with clients, so please call ahead if you plan to visit our office.

1. How do I set up my voicemail?
A. This is one of our most frequently asked questions, and happily, it has a simple solution: your voicemail is already set up, but not activated. You can activate your voicemail and record your own greetings by following the steps below.
Steps to Perform the First Time You Log In

1. Record your name: Log into your mailbox, then press 0, press 3, speak your name, and press # to end the recording.

2. Change greeting(s): Log into your mailbox, then press 0, press 1 (to change your normal greeting) or press 3 (to change your temporary/vacation greeting). Record your greeting and press # to end the recording.

3. Change password: Log into your mailbox, then press 0, press 5, enter your new password (all numbers), and press # to save the password.

2. How do I check my voicemail?
A. Check your email. We send all voicemails to email and remove them from the server. This means that every voicemail is accessible via your personal or work email. This setup allows you to set up a distribution list email and send voicemails to more than one person or just have them in your account. We do not allow for our systems to hold onto voicemails at this time.
3. Why is my phone dropping audio?
A. There are many potential reasons for this. Normally, it is a local issue and is most likely caused by network congestion. We only guarantee that our servers will respond and send requests at low latency and as fast as possible. If your network is congested or does not have QoS (quality of service) set up for VoIP, we can assist you in this endeavor to try and provide you with the best experience. Considering the fact that network traffic and office needs can vary greatly, we do not guarantee quality if your network is congested or does not have QoS set up for the phones. To test this, plug a phone directly to the modem that is at the outermost portion of your network, reboot the modem, and see if your audio quality is improved. If so, then QoS and network congestion is likely the cause. We provide best-effort support for this specific issue and we will work diligently to ensure that we get to the root cause as well. If the issue is determined to be in the local network, we do not support the issue, and we will not be held responsible for it.
4. Why can't I call certain numbers?
A. We do not allow international calls without an international plan. Also, in some cases, the type of number is not allowed due to FCC regulations or for abuse reasons. If the number is a local or US number, please send an email to with the number you are trying to reach. We will work to resolve any dialing issues for any and all US numbers.
5. Do you provide Vmobile services?
A. We are working on a cost-effective solution at this time. We will most likely be rolling out a beta in less than 6 months.
6. What about E911?
A. We provide E911 on every phone and every phone number, but we do not guarantee that it will work at any time. We provide our absolute best-effort to provide you with a secure, functioning and correct E911 trunk that will provide you with emergency services in the correct area. Considering that the emergency may be in regards to a natural disaster, power outage, network outage, intruder, or other scenario where the internet or power is no longer active, the E911 services are not going to work and we strongly suggest to always have a second avenue to contact 911.
7. Are there extra fees?
A. Yes; we will bill you one time for the phone we sell you. We will also bill for any extra features that you request. Any request must be approved by you, including the price after adding the feature. We will never bill you for something you have not approved via E-mail. Verbal agreements are acceptable, but we strongly suggest E-mail requests for record-keeping purposes.
8. How do I set up an extension?
A. We provide you with all necessary information by request only. Normally, this only occurs when the end-user wants their own type of phone (such as soft phone like X-Lite, or non-supported phone like a Cisco handset). You will need the following information*:

Rep will provide via E-mail

Rep will provide via E-mail

Server name

Yes (unless you do not have NAT)

*Normally, the above should suffice. If there are any issues we will provide best-effort support.

9. Do you provide any discounts?
A. Sure! Your first-born is good for a 100% discount for a year (just kidding!). Discounts are provided for participating in Beta programs. You can also get a discount on your monthly service by referring another client to us. The referred customer must purchase at least 3 months of service and one phone for the discount to be applied (your discount is one month free, which is a $29.99 value!).
10. Can I port my own number, and how long does it take?
A. Absolutely! The FCC has stated that you and your phone number are one forever; you own the number just as you own your car (as long as you are not leasing). You can port any number to us; we technically own the number, but we follow all FCC standards and regard the number as yours, just as AT&T or TWC would. There will never be a time where we control your number aside from the control that you request us to take (setting up the number for services approved). Nobody controls your number but you. It takes us about 3 hours of time to port over a number from AT&T and 6 hours of time to port a number from Verizon and TWC. Even though some providers take more technician hours, we only bill $10 to port the number. This covers all fees we incur, and we do not bill for technician hours.
11. Can my IT staff use the server-side settings/features?
A. Sure! We can provide limited administrative access to the server, this request is special and we strongly suggest that the IT staff be well trained in PBX systems in general and show competency in basic administration with the system. We can and do provide basic training for our servers at $67/hr. If you would like a dedicated server that you have full rights to, we provide this as well, either by providing a local server (starting at $799, you own it) or by providing you with a VPS (Virtual cloud based server) at $99 per month. You can also pre-pay for dedicated VPS services and receive a large discount for 6 month or above plans.
12. Messages I send to my email alias don’t appear in my inbox. Why?
A. Check out this page:

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